Why Would a Business Need a Dedicated Server?

According to recent research, there are over 1.74 billion websites on the internet. Taking into account the first platform of the kind was published back in 1991, such a huge increase in number is more than impressive. Once you decide to boost up your business’s capabilities, you can’t pass the stage of online brand representation.

To be an average service provider is the simplest way. However, if you are truly eager to level up, one of the things to do is to select dedicated servers. Don’t panic — we have already been there and can guide you through this decision-making. Let’s get it started!

Theoretic Introduction: Dedicated Server Notion

There is no need to dive into the mechanical peculiarities of the process — the main thing is that the product functions for you. The role of the dedicated server is to back up your website and enhance its flexibility and scalability. In plain English, you are a king of the place, if you possess such an engine. Unlike a common server which spreads its resources to all members of the system, dedicated servers will be beneficial for a single user only.

select dedicated servers

A lack of experience and background knowledge isn’t a problem. In the majority of cases, you don’t spend extra resources to train your employees to operate such servers — you can just rent it and let the service provider like GTHost do the job for you. Shared servers can hardly withstand the increased load with the company’s growth, unlike their more advanced alternatives.

Don’t hesitate to prefer dedicated servers — their performance involves numerous advantages:

  • Extraordinary Privacy and Security Level — it is always better to be independent from possible negative outer influences. If there is shared access to the system, it is a challenge to ensure the platform is secure and drawbacks are found out. For instance, a foreign user may just neglect the general rules stated. In turn, the risks it may damage the common flow of the server’s work are high. To choose a safe alternative is to be at the help of your online business to the full extent.
  • Traffic Load — the volumes of traffic are crucial. The more users visit your platform on a daily basis, the more beneficial a dedicated server will turn out to be in your case. Just answer the following question: when your efficiency will be better — if you are focused on performing a single task or a bunch of them. The solution is more than obvious. NB: hosting a dedicated server will help reduce page load times as well.

Revealing the Cards: How to Choose the Best Solution

Without a doubt, it doesn’t matter what the origin of your business is — the USA, Canada, or any other country — if you desire to ensure top website’s performance, a dedicated server is a must-have option. With more than 4GM of RAM at the start, you can easily predict the further rates of development and take them under control.

Since the demand for this offer is increased, the number of service providers has been enlarged correspondingly. Of course, reliable and reputable partners like GTHost are a fast and efficient choice. If you would like to take more time on considerations, don’t forget to bear in mind simple quality indicators of dedicated servers:

  • Application Scalability — even though a dedicated server is functional for a single user (not necessarily an individual, it can be a company or an enterprise), there are no strict limitations on the number of platforms to work with. Let’s be more precise. On the one hand, it may be a headache process to ensure there is a stable synchronization between your database and all your servers. On the other hand, a couple of qualitative dedicated servers can help you increase the final number of end visitors of your platform. Still have doubts? Consult with GTHost specialists to clear the case.
  • Specifications of Your Operating System — for several businesses, Windows and Linux are interchangeable options. However, if you have a strong preference for one of the types, you have to ensure the selected service isn’t across the pond. If you disregard compatibility requirements, you may simply waste your time and money.
  • Memory and Bandwidth — check the level of your online platform. If you would like to ensure stable traffic and hassle-free representation of all the visual content on the web, look for the option with more RAM. There is a simple rule of thumb: the more memory space the dedicated server offers, the higher speed of the system will be achieved. The same concerns the bandwidth levels.

Wrap It Up

Hosting a dedicated server will bring a lot of advantages to your business development. To achieve the highest output-input ratio possible, feel free to cooperate with remarkable specialists in the field. GTHost is always there to assist you whenever requested. Check it out!

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